Kitchen cabinet color

Kitchen cabinet color
1. How to choose the color of kitchen cabinet
Is a kind of full of dream color, always keep clear, romantic feeling. Cabinet in such space, appear more pure and lovely, make people daydream. Blue in the natural shade, more fresh and elegant, rich in decorative flavor, according to the color psychology, more blue will make mood stable, thinking more rational, especially suitable for white-collar workers who are under stress. Let the noisy soul dock in the quiet harbor.
Blue gives people a calm and noble feeling, which helps to create a quiet atmosphere. The kitchen decorated with blue has a better effect.
2. How to choose the color of kitchen cabinet
It is a kind of idyllic color. Place oneself in the simplicity of solid wood, decorate the garden flowers and plants, plus the simple modeling design, make the rural atmosphere full of family space. Elderly couples and stable personality can be the first choice for cabinet color.
3. How to choose the color of kitchen cabinet
It is a kind of relaxed and pleasant color. Green is a theme that can never be used up and never be bored. Because every change of it corresponds to the impression that nature gives to human beings, green is suitable for all people who love it. From light green to gray green, and then dark purple, completing the transition from outdoor to indoor, corresponding to the natural reflection of human vision on space.
4. How to choose the color of kitchen cabinet
It is a pure and spotless color. With white as the main color, the cabinet presents a simple, elegant and clean feeling, which is undoubtedly the best choice for those who like to be clean and quiet. White and black this contrast color collocation, can create a kind of pure calm effect, what can disturb the mind place. White with any color, will create a simple calm effect, nothing can disturb the mind. White with any color, will produce unexpected feeling.