Kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet
Kitchen cabinet is the platform for storing Kitchenware and cooking operation in the kitchen. It is composed of five parts: cabinet, door panel, hardware, table and electrical appliances.
Kitchen cabinet size
The standard of the size of kitchen cabinet countertop
First of all, the standard that should be followed is the length. A single table top should not exceed 3 meters (except for special circumstances). If there is more than 3 meters, it should be segmented and then spliced. The standard width of the counter top of the general cabinet is 550 and 600 mm, and the thickness is 12.7 mm and 27 mm.
The front end line modeling design of cabinet table mainly includes straight edge (including thickened straight edge), beveled edge, small bevel edge, large round edge, small round edge, straight edge waterproof line, small round edge waterproof line, small inclined edge waterproof line (8 kinds); and the standard height of water retaining edge behind the cabinet is 50 mm.
Kitchen cabinet size: cabinet size
The size and height of cupboard is 500mm ~ 600mm, the depth is 300mm ~ 450mm, the length is 1200mm ~ 3900mm, and the interval between cabinets is not more than 700mm.
The cabinet should be 1450 mm ~ 1500 mm away from the ground, which is suitable for the height of most cooks, so that they can open the cabinet and take out the utensils without tiptoe.
The best distance between the cabinet and the console is 600mm. This distance refers to the distance from the console to the bottom of the cabinet, so as to place some tableware or small kitchen appliances.
Paint cabinet for kitchen cabinet size
Height of floor cabinet: 845mm
Water retaining height: 45mm
Height of table front skirt: 45mm
Table width: 600mm
Height of cabinet: 800mm
Thickness of cabinet body: 350mm
Plastic cabinet (solid wood cabinet) of kitchen cabinet size
Space requirement: 2.5m
Height of floor cabinet: 820mm
Water retaining height: 50mm
Height of front skirt: 60mm
Table width: 600mm
Height of cabinet body: 750mm
Cabinet body thickness: 380mm