Kitchen ceiling materials and installation precautions

The ceiling construction of the kitchen and bathroom has always been a difficult part of home decoration, because of the high humidity, oily smoke and peculiar smell. Therefore, using appropriate materials and reasonable construction methods in the decoration construction may reduce a lot of trouble in your future life.

In the actual construction process, waterproof coatings, PVC panels and aluminum-plastic panels are commonly used materials in kitchen and bathroom ceilings. In the construction of waterproof coating, it has the characteristics of convenient construction and relatively low cost and diverse colors, but the decorative effect is also the same. After long-term use, partial peeling and fading occur, and the performance is relatively unstable. It has been rarely used. Ceiling profiles are transitional products. The aluminum alloy ceiling material that emerged in the 1990s has bright colors, does not fade, is fireproof, environmentally friendly, and has no pollution, making it a good choice for home decoration. .

The more important thing in the construction process is the installation of the exhaust air and humidity system, so that the humid air in the room can be discharged in time. On the one hand, it can protect the ceiling material and structure, and it can also effectively protect the increasing amount of air in the kitchen and bathroom. Electrical equipment provides more aspects of your cleaning work.