Kitchen Decoration Feng Shui

1. Fengshui for kitchen decoration: the kitchen should not be in the center of the house
Feng Shui precautions for kitchen decoration said that the center of the house is the “hole” is the position of the emperor, and it is the core area of ​​the whole house. The anger slowly spreads from here to the whole room. Therefore, it must be quiet and peaceful. Something oppresses or induces the qi here, causing no qi.
2. Fengshui for kitchen decoration: the kitchen should not be located in the northwest
Judging from the Eight Diagrams and Nine Palaces, the northwest position belongs to the Palace of Heaven, the five elements belong to gold, and the five elements of the kitchen belong to fire. Therefore, this place where the innate position is golden, suddenly a kitchen with five elements of fire, Huowangkejin, was set up. Just to restrain this, then the elders in the family, husband, career, and the respiratory system and lungs are represented by the Palace of Heaven. That is to say, the men in the family are unfavorable, affecting their career, physical health, and also affecting the relationship between husband and wife. One can imagine the importance of this position.
3. Fengshui for kitchen decoration: the kitchen cannot be located in the north
Because the five elements in the true north belong to water, which belongs to the extreme cold of the north, and the five elements in the kitchen belong to fire, setting the kitchen above this position will just form the phenomenon of war between water and fire. This is very bad, and it is easy to cause two defeats. The situation is hurting. First, it is unfavorable in terms of diet, which can easily cause health effects on family members.
4. Fengshui for kitchen decoration: the kitchen cannot be next to the bathroom
It is very bad if the kitchen in the home and the hygiene of the home are just next to each other, separated by a wall. No matter where it is, it is unfavorable, because the five lines in the kitchen are fire, and the five lines in the bathroom are water. This water is sewage. Therefore, when the water is used to overcome fire, it will bring extremely negative effects, especially for people in the family Some serious diseases, the specific diseases depend on where the kitchen and bathroom are.
5. Fengshui for kitchen decoration: the door of the kitchen cannot face the door of the bedroom, the door of the bathroom, the entrance door
From the perspective of feng shui, door-to-door is not good, and it is easy to cause the two auras to conflict. Especially like the kitchen is burning and cooking every day, the gas field is quite strong. If the other door is opposite to it, it will be strongly blasted by the kitchen aura, thus causing disadvantages. Flushing the bedroom door is not good for the people living inside. Flushing the sanitary door makes it easy to impulse the pollution. Rushing into the door of the house will wash away the auspiciousness of entering the home. Therefore, these are all disadvantages. It is necessary to paste a “Sea God’s Gate Fu” on the door that was shot by him to block the evil.