Kitchen decoration

Kitchen refers to the room where food can be prepared and cooked. A modern kitchen usually has equipment including stove (gas stove, electric stove, microwave or oven), countertop (dishwasher or dishwasher) And food storage equipment (for example: refrigerator).
Regarding the question of how is the open kitchen, it goes without saying that everyone knows that there is a fatal flaw in the open kitchen. That is, the open kitchen cannot prevent the spread of oil fume well. Over time, a layer of oil fume will accumulate on the furniture, which is difficult to clean. This requires us to pay special attention when choosing kitchen equipment. High-power range hoods, smokeless stoves, and smokeless pots can reduce oily smoke. Moreover, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning to better maintain indoor hygiene, which is a trouble for people who are often away from home. Of course, for the restaurant’s relatively small apartment design, the open kitchen can increase the visual scope of the restaurant, and it is more warm.
   Nowadays, the kitchen area of ​​the general apartment type is not too big. Making an open kitchen can make the space larger visually and make the space better. More importantly, open kitchens usually have a bar counter design, and the bar counter and dining table here are combined into one, which is both beautiful and practical. Young people can think about it, it will show a sense of fashion indoors.
   Regarding the issue of open kitchens, in fact, there is no exact statement, because it is good to know only if you use it. All in all, the space of the open kitchen is still very good, which can make the space look larger and more airy. It can effectively use the space, look bigger and more comfortable, and can better design the integration of interior style. Action is not as good as your heart. If you feel like it, you can try it!