Kitchen floor decoration

Nowadays, people are very demanding on materials in their decoration. Some people also use natural stones such as granite and marble in the kitchen in order to achieve the uniformity of indoor floor materials. Experts pointed out that although these stones are durable and gorgeous, natural stones are not waterproof. Splashing water on the ground for a long time will deepen the color of the stone and turn it into a painted face. If a large area gets wet, it will be slippery and easy to fall.
Therefore, it is best to use less or no natural stone on wet kitchen floors. In addition to ceramic tiles, stone, metal, and wood floors can all be used as floor materials. Among them, stone looks cooler and men like it more. You can choose stone slats and apply a layer of varnish on them, which will facilitate cleaning in the future and increase the finish. Metal as a kitchen floor, you may not be able to imagine it, but it is becoming more and more popular abroad. This metal surface has uneven patterns to enhance friction, and its fireproof, waterproof, and scratch-resistant strength is unmatched by ceramic tiles.
Wood flooring was a material that could never be used in the kitchen in the past. Now, the new type of composite flooring dedicated to the kitchen has made great improvements in anti-skid, stain resistance and waterproof performance, so that it can adapt to the special conditions of use in the kitchen. In terms of anti-slip, it strengthens the texture of the floor surface, which greatly increases the anti-slip performance of the floor, so that the floor will not slip even when exposed to water; in terms of stain resistance, the surface is covered with a special protective layer. The advanced and unique technology makes the ground not only wear-resistant in the general sense, but also scratch-resistant. Wooden floors for kitchens are mostly found in villa kitchens because they are easier to maintain.
At present, non-slip tiles or full-body tiles are the most widely used materials in the kitchen, which are economical and practical. Experts remind that moisture-proof function should be fully considered when choosing materials for decorating the kitchen. When the kitchen floor is stained with oil, you can use a general detergent and wire to scrub it, and it will not cause any small scratches or stains on the floor.