Kitchen partition design points

Many families ignore the actual situation of the family when making open kitchen decoration design, just because this kind of kitchen looks more stylish and beautiful. But forget that this decoration style from the West is more suitable for families who rarely cook at home and also like to use Western food. For ordinary Chinese families, the open kitchen decoration design is actually not suitable. Of course, if the decoration design of the open kitchen is reasonable and appropriate, it can also improve the quality of life without affecting family life. Therefore, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of its design points.

The key points of open kitchen decoration design: controlling oil fume

One of the key points of open kitchen decoration design is to pay special attention to controlling oil fume. Since there is no partition between the open kitchen and the living room, if the oil fume is not well controlled, it will not only affect the living environment of the living room, but also affect the hygiene of the living room. Therefore, special care must be taken for the oily smoke in open kitchens. The only way to control oil fume is to use a high-power, multi-function range hood. Make sure that all the oil fume can be exhausted when cooking, otherwise the oil fume will enter the living room.

Open kitchen decoration design key points to expand space

The second point of the open kitchen decoration design is to expand the kitchen space as much as possible. The open kitchen is to expand the active area of ​​the living room and dining room as much as possible, so there is relatively little left for the kitchen area. Therefore, in the decoration design, the activity area of ​​the kitchen must be expanded as much as possible. But to achieve only one point can only be considered from the functions of kitchenware and cabinets. Therefore, the use of multifunctional kitchenware and cabinets is the first choice to expand the kitchen space.

Open kitchen decoration design points of style unity

Since there is no partition between the living room and the dining room, the style of the open kitchen design must be consistent with the overall style of the home decoration. This is the third point of the open kitchen decoration design. If the style does not agree, it will affect the style of the entire home improvement and appear omissions. The style of the living room and dining room must be considered when choosing kitchenware and layout.