Kitchen partition design

The decoration design should pay attention to the shaping of the space, because we are not using real walls, but virtual spaces enclosed by them. Partition is a means to limit space without completely separating space, such as the bogu shelf between the living room and dining room, etc. The use of partition can distinguish spaces of different natures and realize mutual communication between spaces. Partitions are very common, but most of them are poorly designed and the combination of technology and art is not clever enough.
1. Open kitchen partition-glass wall
The glass wall can not only play a role in transparency, but also block oil fume, and the sound insulation effect is very good. As long as the glass door is closed, the noise in the kitchen is basically inaudible outside. The material of the glass wall is the most important. At present, there are many choices on the market, and the price difference is relatively large. In addition, there are many ways of partitioning. If you choose to push the glass door, if the hardware condition is not good, it will be easily damaged after a long time. When choosing materials and methods, you should not be greedy for cheap, you must choose good quality, so that it will take a long time.
2. Open kitchen partitions-partial opening and proper shelter
The kitchen partition can be made into a semi-partition form, and there are many methods of this form, such as bar partition, curtain partition and so on. However, this semi-blocking method has quite a good effect on blocking oil fume. If the kitchen is designed to be partially open, and a window sill-sized position is used to figure out the restaurant, this method will have a better effect on blocking oil and smoke. For this kind of kitchen, experts recommend that everyone pay attention to the outdoor wind direction, otherwise the oily smoke will easily blow back into the house, and the effect of blocking oily smoke will not be achieved.
3. Open kitchen partition-sandy curtain
Some people like open kitchens. They don’t want to change the layout of the kitchen, so they can use a sandy curtain to separate the kitchen from the outside space. The translucent sandy curtain makes the kitchen looming, which can clearly divide the space and can To ensure a sense of spaciousness, if you do not cook, you can also put the sandy curtains away at any time, making it more flexible. But this method does not have much effect on blocking oil fume, so it is best to increase the power of the range hood and get more ventilation panels to continuously replenish air.