Korean home style

Korean home style.
There are some difficulties in accurately describing what a Korean home style is. One is the lack of definition. Baroque, Bauhaus, decorativeism… Professional books, networks, designers have a general convergence of these nouns, and Korean style is not. Second, the meaning is broad. “Barbarian girlfriend” often “out of the way”, but will be casual in the heart of the small woman’s feelings, especially moving.
Korean home style is the same, can be very thick, can also be very elegant. Like a big long and present, gentle gentle with tenacity. Although the description is difficult, it is very attractive. Because korean style soft beauty is easy to win people’s good feelings, she represents the beauty, natural style and lifestyle. What’s more, Korean families do not have much living space, in line with our small and medium-sized households in the home status quo. It’s a pleasure to see the soft colors bloom in a small space, so that the compact space has light inspiration.
Korean-style home decoration style often gives people the impression of beauty, warmth, simplicity, elegance, while exuding a clean and warm home atmosphere, is now more and more young people sought after. Korean traditional style is a Korean style applied to modern residential concepts on the basis of post-modern architecture, and it is the interpretation of Korean traditional cultural significance in the context of the current era.
Traditional homes in South Korea and Japan are somewhat similar, as far back as the Han Dynasty in China, with the main interior using tatamis rather than chairs or chairs, most of which were made of wooden structures.
And modern Korean residential, some are also modern home design, and some also absorb some of the traditional elements, bedrooms do not use beds, so its bedroom floor more wooden floors. Its pure modern style of home design and the general home design is not much different. Because Korean living habits are not much different from ours.