LCD splicing wall installation

1. Cabinet type. If the LCD splicing wall is installed in this way, the advantage is that the whole system looks more beautiful and atmospheric, and the system is relatively simple if it needs to be moved.
2. Wall-mounted. The LCD splicing wall adopts a wall-mounted installation method. The advantage is that the installation is simple and fast. The steps are to first fix the bracket to the wall with expansion bolts, then hang the LCD splicing wall, and debug it.
3. Embedded. The advantage of the embedded installation method is that it does not take up space, can be well integrated with the surrounding environment, and save space.
Four, site support type. This installation method requires that the ground to be installed is flat and strong enough. The entire LCD splicing wall system is supported by the bracket, and the splicing bracket must support the weight of the entire system. Moreover, the requirements for splicing brackets are relatively high, so the installation is conducive to system maintenance and fault repair.