Leakage inspection methods for toilets

1. Leakage repair of PVC pipe
PVC pipes are the drain pipes used in many household toilets. If the PVC pipe leaks, the easiest way is to buy a new PVC pipe for installation or repair. The method is to first replace the pipe to be replaced, and then put the interface into the pipe. The other end should be aligned with the other opening of the interface, then send it to one side, and finally apply glue to the inside of the two tubes.
2. Leakage repair of hot metal pipe
Because the iron pipe has multiple diameters, maintenance should be carried out according to the diameter of the pipe, but basically the main valve of the water pipe is closed first, and then the leaking part is checked, or the leaking part is replaced, or the original pipe body is worn away Rust stains, then connect the water pipes by welding.
3. Leakage repair of PPR plastic water pipe
The steps for repairing PPR plastic water pipes are: first saw off the leaking area, then sanded the exposed port with sandpaper, and then wiped the port with special glue, and then glued the bamboo joint to make the port and the bamboo joint. Connect the joints, and finally put glue on all the joints to ensure that no water leaks.
4. Leakage repair of water pipe joints
In many households, the cause of water pipe leakage is that the water pipe joint leaks. It is best to change the interface or install a rubber pad at the silk mouth to delay the life, and then use white glue and hemp silk and then wrap it with raw material tape. stand up.