leisure chair

leisure chair
Leisure chairs are the chairs we usually use to enjoy our leisure time. This kind of chair is not as formal as dining chairs and office chairs. It has some small personalities and can give you both visual and physical comfort.
leisure chair
1. Teng chair of leisure chair
Wicker chairs are generally made of bamboo chair frames, which are then wrapped with Tian Teng leather. This type of leisure chair is very flexible and breathable. When choosing this wicker chair, it is best to choose a backrest. Then you can place an ottoman on the side so that your feet are also flat.
2. Folding chair of leisure chair
When it comes to folding chairs, everyone may not know the long history of this type of leisure chair. The development of the folding chair was about 2000-1500 BC. The chair was originally a special seat for military commanders on the battlefield. This means that folding chairs are a symbol of power and status. But now, this symbolism does not seem to be so strong, but I have to admit that the folding chair has a unique history.
3. Recliner of leisure chair
Recliners are not unfamiliar to Chinese people. Recliners were very popular in the Qing Dynasty. The emergence of the recliner is due to the continuous improvement of craftsmanship and skills in the end of Chinese feudal society, and people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. Therefore, the classification of furniture is getting finer. So this kind of recliner appeared.
4. Armrest type leisure chair of leisure chair
Leisure chairs with armrests are often sold as a package with a coffee table, usually two chairs and a coffee table together. Many of these chairs are made of wood, I believe everyone has seen it. Sitting on this style of leisure chair, you can put your hands on the armrests, it looks particularly casual from the side. There is a charm of stopping your hands to rest.
5. Rocking chair of leisure chair
Rocking chair, according to its literal meaning, we can know that this kind of chair can be shaken. Remember, it’s a chair swaying back and forth. A person can lie on it halfway and shake it gently with the chair. That feeling is very comfortable. Especially in the winter afternoon, the sun is warm, and it is too comfortable to rest on the rocking chair after dinner.