Living room background wall design and matching

One of the living room background wall design and matching: measuring size

The first step to decorate a background wall is of course to measure the size. Not only is the size of the background wall measured here, but the size of the sofa and the living room must also be taken care of. Choose the way of decoration after good size. Do you prefer sticky or hanging? The editor here gives a little advice. If the TV wall and sofa wall in your living room are relatively close, you can use decorative paintings or embossed paintings and other hanging decorations. This effect will be better.

Living room background wall design and matching two: color control

The sofa background wall is a part of the living room decoration. The overall color control must be matched with the style and color of the whole living room to make people feel harmonious and consistent. If the color gap is too large or it makes people look very dazzling, it will affect our senses and daily life emotions. The editor recommends that everyone try not to use dark colors. Using such colors may make people feel depressed and nervous. It is recommended to use white, light blue, light green, and bright yellow.

Living room background wall design and matching three: style grasp

Regardless of your size, as long as the background wall is properly designed, you can create an extraordinary effect. If the sofa wall area in the living room is relatively large, try to design a mix-and-match style for the background wall to avoid the background wall being too monotonous. The large-area sofa background wall in the mix-and-match style can make people feel the owner’s tolerance and heart. It is recommended that a large background wall can use two to three different materials to segment and shape the wall to avoid the background wall from being too monotonous.

Living room background wall design and matching four: pattern matching

When it comes to pattern matching, all kinds of wallpaper wall coverings will come to mind. There are many owners who use this kind of materials as sofa background walls. One is because of the high cost performance, the second is the variety of choices, and the other is the simple matching. The most common way is to choose a wallpaper or wall covering with a solid color or a little pattern. Of course, it should match the color of the living room. After that, hang many photos of life on the wall to make a sofa background full of life. The wall is simple and distinctive.

The final summary of the living room background wall design and matching

To summarize the two points that need attention, the first is to remember that the design of the background wall must be matched with the style of the entire living room; the second is the size of the sofa background wall, pay attention to the background wall after the sofa is placed Both sides are the same width.

Finally, the editor will talk about a case. If your living room is not deep enough, but the space of the background wall is relatively large, you can consider knocking down the wall and using cabinets or other things to create a low wall effect, which can make the living room There is a magnifying effect, it is best if there is a study room behind the wall.