Living room ceiling materials and installation precautions

Living room ceiling decoration
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The light steel keel is tough and not easy to deform, and the living room ceiling is generally made of gypsum board. The gypsum board is cheap, easy to install, and has very good performance. There are many styles that can be made. The safety of the light steel keel is also guaranteed.
The difference between this one and the above one is that the keel is made of a wooden frame, but now there are synthetic wooden keels, which are also good when hitting the living room.
Both types of suspended ceilings are glass products. Because of their rich colors and distinctive features, they are now more and more used in home decoration.
The decoration materials for the living room are generally these two. As for aluminum gussets, they are generally used for balconies, toilets, and kitchens, and are not suitable for living rooms.
2. Precautions for the decoration of the living room ceiling 1.
Most of the living rooms now use suspended ceilings, so the materials must be selected, and the construction must be standardized, such as the connection must be firm and the location must be installed correctly.
Moreover, fireproof materials must be selected for the suspended ceiling, and fireproof treatment must be done if it is made of wood. The electrical conduit on the suspended ceiling must be operated in accordance with the specifications to avoid hidden dangers such as fire.
Precautions for living room ceiling decoration 2,
If your home is installed with a concealed ceiling, remember to set up manholes. The gypsum board in the living room ceiling is not easy to disassemble without aluminum.
There are a lot of people who falsely set the inspection red to affect the appearance, and generally do not require the setting, but once the wires, pipes, wires, etc. in your ceiling fail, you will not be able to determine where, except for the problem, and why, it is even more impossible to repair . If the ceiling of your living room has installation pipelines, you must set up manholes. The manholes can be located in more concealed and easy-to-maintain places, and you cannot choose the location randomly. If you feel that the inspection hole affects the appearance, you can use your imagination to do some artistic treatment on the inspection hole, which will not affect the appearance and is very convenient.
Precautions for living room ceiling decoration 3.
If your house uses glass or light box ceiling, remember to use safety glass.
The ceiling is something above our heads. If you use glass and other fragile objects to make the ceiling, it will undoubtedly be a time bomb on top of your head. Although the current stained glass and frosted glass for ceilings are very distinctive, we cannot fail to pay attention to safety issues. Therefore, when selecting materials, we must use safety glass. At present, there are only two types of safety glass in my country, namely tempered glass. Glass and laminated glass.
For the safety of our family and the quality of life in the future, we must also ensure the quality of our housing in order to improve the quality of our lives. Therefore, safety is the primary condition for doing anything. If safety cannot be guaranteed, how can quality be said? Therefore, whether it is the living room ceiling, the toilet, the kitchen ceiling, and other decoration items, the first thing we need to consider is safety. The environment is safe, and a comfortable home is!