Living room ceiling strategy

The living room is used in our daily life to greet guests, and is the place where most family activities occur.
For many owners, the living room decoration is undoubtedly the most important place, with a high-end atmosphere
The suspended ceiling can make the living room and even the bedroom more splendid, making friends envious. Do not
The gorgeous style brought by the same style and board ceiling is different, let’s share it today
How to move the ceiling of the living room to the tallest way, come and choose the ceiling change you like in your living room
Install it!   The decoration styles of the living room ceiling mainly include three types: European, Chinese, and American.
Because of their different regional cultures, they have formed a unique cognition of gorgeous taste.
The owner can decide the shape characteristics of the ceiling decoration according to personal preferences and appearance requirements. One,
European-style gorgeous ceiling: the shape is dynamic and the lines are complicated. The current ceiling decoration is mostly European-style
, Luxurious and romantic are its greatest characteristics. European gorgeous ceilings generally adopt dome or arc shapes
The shape of the dome is arched or covered, suitable for high storeys or pointed roofs
Room, the lowest point of the space is required to be greater than 2.6 meters; the arc often goes around the space, but
The lines are mostly curved or wavy, which can increase the dynamic and reduce the dull feeling. Also European
Gorgeous suspended ceilings are very sophisticated and complicated in online board processing.   2. Chinese style gorgeous ceiling:
The overall classical graceful atmosphere    Chinese style gorgeous ceiling is characterized by its grace, classicism and atmosphere.
Chinese style ornate ceilings use well style or linear shape, well style ceilings use tic-tac-toe beams
Make false lattice beams for the shape and guide or for the shape of the top surface, cooperate with lamps and single-layer or multiple installations
Decorative lines for decoration, enrich the shape of the ceiling or reasonably partition the living room, linear hanging
At the top, it can be used with internal lighting to highlight the clear, smooth and bright space.  三、American Chinese
Li Ceiling: Concise and restrained, light luxury, American style is different from European style, American style ceiling is gorgeous
It is introverted, low-key luxury, commonly used concave-convex, suspended or circular shapes, lines,
The styles are all pursuing simplicity but paying great attention to details, with concentrated colors, and tend to use harder, smoother ones
The material, the method of processing the board surface with three-dimensional relief also makes the American ceiling show a retro style.
Korea. American ceilings can also be mixed and matched to create unique ceilings with more than two materials
.  Common ceiling panel selection and installation precautions  Ceiling construction material main package
Including plate and keel, the keel purchase mainly pays attention to dryness, toughness and fire resistance.
The ceiling panels include gypsum board, aluminum gusset board, PVC board, plywood, plastic steel plate, glass, etc.
Kind of, let’s take a look at what kinds of panels are suitable for creating a gorgeous living room ceiling
matter.  1, pvc board   Although PVC board can also be used as a ceiling material in the living room, the main
Used in the bathroom or kitchen, the price is relatively cheap, about tens of yuan per square meter, and the weight is relatively
Light, waterproof, moisture-proof and mothproof. There are many patterns, mostly plain. Select this type of material
Note that there should be no cracks and scratches on the surface, and the grooves and wedges should be smooth. The disadvantage is that the high temperature resistance is not strong
.  2, aluminum gusset    It is also very good to choose aluminum gusset to decorate the living room.
Good moisture-proof, oil-proof, flame-retardant characteristics, beautiful appearance, convenient transportation and use. With non
It has excellent corrosion resistance, resists various oily fume and humid environment, and resists ultraviolet rays. Environmental protection, no
Toxic, tasteless, antistatic, non-vacuum, easy to wash. High hardness, fire resistance, no stains. cost
Low cost. All high-end integrated ceilings in China use aluminum gusset material, which has a longer service life and is not easy
Aging, sinking, discoloration and deformation.  3, gypsum board   if you want to use it around the ceiling
Gypsum board is used for modeling. Gypsum board is recommended by many designers. Generally, ceiling decoration in living room
All the materials are using it.   Gypsum board and plaster line are important elements of gorgeous decoration, but also
At present, the main materials for living room ceiling decoration, they can make more complex and beautiful shapes
. When purchasing gypsum board, pay attention to the height of the ceiling space. If the ceiling height is higher,
High, the size of gypsum board and plaster line can be larger; the shape of plaster line is mostly layered
Yes, there are generally at least four or more layers of plaster lines, so as to show the lines
Beautiful texture.  Gypsum board can also be made into various geometric patterns, or carved into various types
Patterns, it has the characteristics of low price and simple construction, so it is used in the living room
Ceiling is also a good method, as long as its decorative effect is consistent with the decoration style of the room
To achieve a good overall effect. Partial modeling of the lamp pool in the living room and the dining room in the home improvement
Most of them are made of gypsum board, which is light in weight, low in price, and convenient in construction.
, Poor moisture resistance.  Editor’s summary: After reading the above, the eye-catching living room ceiling style
Grid renderings, you are preparing to decorate, you must really want to design a special hanging for your living room
Top it. But pay attention to the storey height and apartment type. If the storey height is too low, the ceiling will increase the pressure of the space.
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