Living room design

This living room is designed with coffee color as the main color, and the overall layout is warm and warm. The floor-to-ceiling windows visually expand the living room with a small area. The fabric sofa and simple wooden table make people feel the strong pastoral breeze. The unique advantage of the high-rise building is to place an interesting single chair by the window, and you can see the whole city in the distance, with a panoramic view.
With so many sofa layouts, there is an urge to lie down at a glance. More sofas will make the living room look more warm. The technology-controlled home is confusing. All the furniture in this living room is movable. In the simple living room, some movable sofas can be used at will and change with the sex.
The combination of white, plant and brown is like the combination of purity, nature and city. In modern fashion life, you can also feel the natural green and warm sun, and have various styles of picture beauty.
The sweet double living room does not need to be big, warm and interesting enough. Personalized young couples don’t have to be at home as neat and cold as a hotel, and the living room filled with living utensils is numerous but not complicated.
In the small-sized living room, you can try to arrange everything around the double sofa, which will make the space look lighter and more efficient. The green plants occasionally swaying from the light and shadow are refreshing and refreshing.
If you have any hobbies, you can also put it in the living room. In the leisure time of entertainment, let the heart beat with the rhythm of the music. The curved small white chair and floor lamp are two simple but interesting pieces that add a lot of vitality to the living room.
The light and thin floor-to-ceiling curtains are especially romantic in the sunshine. The breeze and warm sun are naturally piled up with logs to make the living room extraordinary. The creative low-key collocation, visually soothing, and attractive.
The simple log color two-way living room, one side is a leisure space for adults, it is built in a simple and neat style, and the other side is a fresh and matte style to create a children’s activity space. One space has two styles and uses.