Living room furniture placement

Living room furniture placement
1. Living room set
The living room furniture set includes 1+2+3 sofa, 1 long coffee table, 1 square coffee table, and 5 pillows. The room area is more than 26 square meters and can be placed in the picture! The sofa is placed in the center of the living room and matched with the central furniture such as the coffee table. This is the layout method of ordinary families. Keep the room clean and not too complicated. The furnishings should be modern and streamlined. This arrangement can make the small space “bigger”, make the living room look spacious and visually beautiful.
2. Floor cabinet
The floor cabinet and the TV are integrated, and the TV is often one of the central dominating parts of the living room. Therefore, make full use of the wall part of the living room and place the floor cabinet beside the wall in the middle of the living room, which can not only take care of the sight of each part, but also The living room space is visually enlarged. There are exquisite carvings in the middle of the beautiful cabinet bottom, creating a safe and comfortable living space for you.
Three, coffee table
The coffee table is also one of the indispensable furniture in the living room. It can be placed with tea cups and fruits. The coffee table is generally matched with the sofa. It is usually located two steps away from the sofa. It is convenient to place tea cups and drink easily. The design of the coffee table is exquisite. A detail of perfection and exquisiteness, convenience and comfort in use. With just the right accessories, it creates a warm, comfortable and colorful living space.
Four, wine cabinet
Wine cabinets are now more and more popular with people. With the improvement of people’s living standards, wine cabinets have become one of the must-choices for many living room furniture. Generally, wine cabinets are placed in dead corners or porches in the living room, so that they can be used effectively. In addition to the space, it also looks very beautiful. Wine cabinets can put wine and other items to show the owner’s elegant quality of life.
Five, chaise longue
The leisure of the chaise longue is destined to be the darling of the living room furniture owner. The chaise longue can be placed alone in the living room leisure area, or it can be placed in the center of the living room or against the wall with the sofa. Its placement is mainly based on comfort and Leisure-oriented, it can be regarded as more casual living room furniture, soft cushions and backrests, and the humanized design of the chaise longue, with a strong sense of leisure, make your home life more perfect and unique.