Load-bearing wall

The load-bearing wall refers to the wall that supports the weight of the upper floor. In the engineering drawing, it is a black wall, which will destroy the entire building structure; non-load-bearing wall refers to the wall that does not support the weight of the upper floor and only serves as a room The function of separating it from another room is a hollow wall on the engineering drawing. Whether or not this wall has any major impact on the building structure.

Simply put, the floor is supported on structural members such as load-bearing walls and beams. In our house, the weight of the floor slab, the weight of the furniture, etc., must be transmitted to the load-bearing wall and structural beam through the floor, and then passed to the lower load-bearing wall or structural column through the load-bearing wall and beam, and then to the foundation. The structural skeleton that forms the entire house, just like the human skeleton, is an important part of determining safety for the entire house.

Everyone has some knowledge of mechanics. At least they have studied physics in middle school. For a floor slab, a bearing wall is a fulcrum. The structural design is called a support. For a floor slab, the force in the middle of the slab and the support are different. , The steel bars inside are reversed. The load-bearing wall is removed and the floor slab has no support. The consequences are terrible. Once a floor crack appears, it will continue to develop, and the crack will grow bigger and bigger until it breaks. The actual force condition will be more complicated.

Generally speaking, all walls of brick-concrete houses are load-bearing walls; the internal walls of frame-structure houses are generally not load-bearing walls. Of course, specific to the house structure itself, to determine whether the wall is a load-bearing wall, you should carefully study the original building drawings and conduct actual site surveys to determine.

The load-bearing wall is scientifically calculated. If holes are drilled on the load-bearing wall, it will affect the stability of the foundation. Pay attention~!