Locker (also called locker), a locker is a fully enclosed metal storage device for placing items. It is suitable for warehouses, workshops and production offices to store tools (measures), spare parts, instruments and meters. Related items and materials such as drawings and documents. Cooperating with parts boxes, hanging boards, drawers and other accessories can further increase the storage function of the locker, which can realize the unified management of factory production equipment, tools, spare parts and other items. Multiple storage cabinets can form a partial partition of the workshop to achieve the purpose of efficient use of space that can separate space and store items
1. Width of the locker-British style
The width of this British-style locker is 425mm, its height is 975mm, and its length is 980mm. This size locker is suitable to be placed in our bedroom or balcony to store various small pieces. At the same time, we can also use it as a home decoration. As long as it is placed in a suitable visual position, and some artistic decorations are placed on the surface of the locker, it can well reflect the elegance, Chic home style, if you like this British style furniture product, you may wish to buy it!
2. Width of storage cabinet-Chinese style
Chinese-style furniture products emphasize dignity and grandeur, which is also vividly reflected in the storage cabinets. Please take a look at this locker product on our picture. The main wood is made of ash solid wood, plus MDF board and ash flakes. The frame structure of ash solid wood is firm and stable, and the outside is glued. Curved willow veneer, the annual ring-like pattern is neat and beautiful. The width of the locker in this style is 560mm, and the size of the locker in the form of a base cabinet is slightly larger. Choosing a suitable location for security can show a good visual effect.
3. Width of locker-modern and simple
I believe that no style of furniture can be better matched than modern style furniture products, because our usual furniture types are mostly decorated in modern style, so if you want to have a specific furniture product of other styles, you need to purchase it In order to achieve a unified effect of the home environment, and my modern style furniture does not need to consider these issues at all, then what is the width of the general modern minimalist style locker? Take this product on the picture as an example, its width is 400mm, you can refer to it.
4. Width of locker-American pastoral
The width of this American pastoral style locker is 480mm. It is mainly made of Asian hardwood material and is also made of MDF panels. The solid wood material has a very heavy furniture temperament, and it also highlights the inherent stability of American furniture products. , The power of the atmosphere. The elegant gold carving design, elegant and noble, adds a lot of retro touch to your life. The practical six-layer drawer design has a large storage capacity and a strong storage type. The general odds and ends can be stored in the cabinet. You may wish to compare it and see if it is what you like!