Loft design and decoration

The loft is located on the top floor, where things are stored. The functional decoration of the loft is rich. The top floor has good sound insulation, quiet and privacy. The skylights and terraces can satisfy people’s desire for sunshine. It is perfect for people who pursue the quality of life, so many people are chasing the exquisite decoration of the attic.
Attic decoration, first of all, we must pay attention to the problem of electricity. When burying the circuit, it must be considered more thoughtful. For example, you should pay attention to reserve the air conditioning line, otherwise it will be very troublesome to modify. In addition, one of the most important factors in loft decoration is the insulation of the loft. Since the attic is usually located on the top floor, it will be hotter under direct sunlight. For this, you can add an insulating roof or spread an insulating layer to prevent the attic from becoming a “steamer”. The second is how to use the effective area as much as possible. Since the attic itself is relatively small and the roof is mostly inclined, it is very important to make good use of the area where the wall and the floor meet. For example, the triangular area can be put on an open shelf to make storage space. The height of the attic must also be taken into account. If you often use the attic and often move in the attic, you might as well design the attic to be higher. If the attic is not used frequently, it can be less high.
Attic furniture is generally not suitable for purchase and should be tailored by the designer. Usually small and chic, furniture with simple lines and frames is preferred. In some areas, it can be equipped with brighter and more jumping accessories or some more interesting furniture. The loft floor depends on the functional area positioning of the loft. If it is set as a private space or a children’s room, most of them use the floor-top type, which is more comfortable. As for the top surface treatment, it is more complicated and is also the focus of decoration design. Usually, natural wooden materials are used for decoration. In addition, due to the structural constraints of the attic, the designer needs to visually make the space taller and larger, and at the same time give full play to the characteristics of the structure itself to produce a structural beauty of the building. This beauty needs to be consistent with the style of the entire room, and it must follow the modern Concise, oppose redundant decoration, but also satisfy comfort and beauty. Attic lighting is generally not good, so the color should be bright and bright. This can make the attic appear brighter and more transparent, and make up for its inherent shortcomings.
Reasonable use of attic space. Especially for some sloped corners, spotlights, plants, and pebbles can be used to make some small landscapes. When there is sufficient storage space, this treatment can increase the beauty more than making cabinets. In addition, since lofts are generally not flat-topped, and many of them are relatively high, choosing a light is very important. You can choose some distinctive large chandeliers, which can be used for lighting and decoration. However, the disadvantage of chandeliers is that once the lamp has a problem, it is not convenient to maintain.
Consumers are especially reminded that no matter what the attic is made, they must be careful not to damage the original structure of the attic. When doing decoration design, try not to change the structure. For example, when making a ceiling, it is not necessary to use a whole piece of gypsum board. The gypsum board can be drilled or cut into lines for processing, or wooden beams can be made in the attic, which will not damage the original structure, but will also add changes to the space.
In addition to the structural constraints of the building itself and the attributes of the theme function area planned by consumers in advance, the attic must consider the matching of the design style of the entire room.