Loft design principles

Attic refers to the room located under the sloping roof of the house.
Such as the top floor, or a duplex with a height of more than 4 meters in the building, or a bottom business, such as a commercial and residential office and residential building with a space of more than 4 meters, and a LOFT building with a height of 4.8 meters. The ceiling space is also very high, generally reaching 4 meters or more, and the floor space of 4.2 meters can be made into a loft, such as the height of the villa, the duplex or the high space of the split storey can be made into a one-story loft. The second floor of the terrace can be used on the top. Storage, office, living, or shooting studios, attic is the best private space

The pattern of the loft is low and irregular. It is not the same as other spaces in the home. If you design it carefully, it can create a warm feeling. If you have a loft, you must pay attention to the loft design. in principle.
In terms of design, it is necessary to make full use of the height and shape of the attic according to the pre-set functions of the owner, so as to show the characteristics and advantages of the original space structure, but it must form a matching of the overall room style.
Hydropower is the first place to consider perfection in loft design. Should pay attention to reserve the air conditioning line, otherwise it will be very troublesome to modify. In addition, lighting design is also very important. If the floor is high, you can use chandeliers, which can illuminate and decorate well; if the floor is short, or if you want to create a romantic and quiet atmosphere, you can use floor lamps and wall lamps with a stronger sense of design.
If you want to design a bar, toilet or bathroom in the attic, you must consider the water supply in advance. Generally speaking, the attic of the villa project will reserve the water supply, as long as it is carefully connected. But most lofts do not have these and need to be designed and modified in advance. Waterproof design is essential. Attic roofs and skylights must be carefully waterproofed. The waterproofing of the bathroom is best to be top, and the ground is waterproof and 30 cm away from the wall twice. In addition, after the waterproofing is done and it is dry, conduct a 48-hour “closed water” test If the ceiling has no wet marks, it will pass, otherwise the waterproof layer needs to be redone, and the most prone to leak is the floor drain. It should be noted that if the location of the water is changed, the location of the water must also be changed at the same time, and it needs to be constructed by professionals in strict accordance with the design drawings.
In addition, the most important factor in loft decoration is the insulation of the loft. Since the attic is located on the top floor, it will be hotter under direct sunlight. For this, you can add a 20 cm insulation ceiling or cover it to prevent the attic from becoming a “steamer”.
The attic is a special indoor space in the whole home decoration design. Therefore, the attic design process needs to be considered comprehensively. The details must be handled more perfectly, so that the effect will be much better.