Lounge chair

Lounge chair
Leisure chairs are the chairs we usually use to enjoy our leisure time. This kind of chair is not as formal as dining chairs and office chairs. It has some small personalities and can give you both visual and physical comfort. Leisure recliner is based on the reclining chair, which allows people to lie down.
The size of the lounge chair
The size of this lounge chair is 120cm×50cm×25cm. It is made of wood. The armrest of the lounge chair is made of bent wood. The design of this lounge chair is very user-friendly. There is also a cup and a small platform on the right side of the chair. When everyone comes back and lie on it with a drink, it is very convenient to put it on it, so that everyone can relax completely and enjoy this perfect leisure time together.
The size of this lounge chair is 92cm×50cm×30cm. Its shape is very special in design. The entire frame of the chair is made of all metal, which looks very simple and does not lack a sense of fashion. The seat and backrest of this lounge chair are made of a combination of small pieces of sponge and fabric, and the sitting feeling is very comfortable. This lounge chair is designed with reference to artificial aesthetics, and it is very comfortable to lie on.
This is an Eames lounge chair. Its size is 90cm×84cm×88cm. Its appearance is a very accidental opportunity. It was designed by a couple and became popular with consumers as soon as it came out. Eames lounge chair is a combination of curved wood and rosewood or cherry wood made of seven-layer bent wood to make a stylish and elegant appearance. The design of Eames lounge chair is very user-friendly. The backrest and armrests are joined with high elastic sponge, which has a comfortable sitting feeling, reduces stress and eliminates fatigue.
This is a lounge chair with a slightly European style, and it is also a rocking chair. Its size is 92cm×116cm×35cm. The overall frame of this lounge chair is made of solid wood and the color is white. It is also designed with a small stool that can be put on the foot, which makes it very comfortable and comfortable to lie on. The simple lines, delicate and elegant temperament, fresh and elegant colors and shapes outline a simple and comfortable quality of life.