Luxury home decoration style

The decoration of the mansion is based on the standard of exquisite and meticulous construction. There are strict requirements for decoration in terms of color and style. Although different luxury houses have different requirements on the whole, they still have the same places. For example, the colors of luxury houses should be bright, fashionable, healthy and comfortable.
Luxury home decoration style
North American style of luxury home decoration style
North American style is actually a mixed style, with regional characteristics such as the United States and Canada. The North American style is not like the European style, which is gradually developed and evolved step by step. It has a relatively short development time and is relatively fashionable. In the same period, it has accepted many mature design styles and merged them, and required material selection. It is also relatively high. First, it must have good technology and high quality.
Luxury house decoration style of European style
European style is the general term for Baroque style, French classicism style, Gothic style, Roman style, Classical Revival style, Romanticism style, Eclecticism style, Renaissance style, Roman style, etc. Because it is a fusion of multiple styles, it can often only be grasped in general. The European design emphasizes the harmony and unity with the surrounding environment, while being more luxurious and retro. In some clubs or some villas, you may see the shadow of this arousing style.
Luxury house decoration style of Japanese style
Japanese-style decoration is characterized by elegance and simplicity. It generally adopts clear lines, so that the layout of the room is elegant, clean, and has a strong sense of geometric three-dimensionality. The most representative decoration of Japanese style is tatami.
Mansion decoration style American country
American country style attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, fully showing the rustic flavor of the country. It has both classicism and graceful modeling and neoclassical functions, which is concise and lively, but also warm and comfortable.
Mansion decoration style Chinese style
The Chinese style is relatively free. The decorations can be green plants, fabrics, decorative paintings, and lamps of different styles. These decorations can have many styles, but the main decorations in the space are traditional decorations such as Chinese paintings, palace lanterns and purple clay pottery.
Luxury home decoration style of Southeast Asia
As the hot and humid climate brings abundant plant resources; wood, rattan and bamboo have become the first choice for interior decoration. Most Southeast Asian furniture is made from local materials, and the decoration is simple and natural. The use of colors is also very bold, highlighting the impact of colors on vision.
Classical style of mansion decoration style
Simple and elegant, it can reflect strong national cultural characteristics, and it is easy for people to understand its cultural connotation at a glance, especially for Chinese people, it has a kind of affinity. Chinese classical furniture only refers to old-style furniture with collectible value, mainly the furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties, which is also the peak era of traditional Chinese furniture production.