Mahogany desk

Mahogany desk
Location of Feng Shui for Desk Placement:
1. Office-style office: In fact, the most common office-style office in life is the office-style office. This type of office has a large number of staff and a large flow of personnel, and it does not have windows, so avoid the desk facing the door when choosing. To prevent external interference and prying eyes.
2. Independent office: Generally, independent offices are used by people with a certain status, so you should pay attention to being quiet when choosing, and the lighting conditions in the entire office are better. The desk should be in the auspicious position of the entire room, and not facing the door, window, etc.
General requirements of Feng Shui for desk placement:
The desk is placed in the auspicious position of the office, so the desk should not be oddly shaped. It is best not to use a round shape, but a rectangular shape. Secondly, the environment around the desk is better, and the entire office space is bright and not crowded. Finally, there must be support behind the desk, which can form a “reliance behind the back”, which can reduce the feeling of emptiness and unreliability behind, thereby increasing reliability.
Precautions for feng shui desk placement:
The desk should be kept tidy and clean, and it is not suitable to put things that are not related to work, such as snacks, fashion magazines, etc. The material of the desk can be black solid wood, which is more masculine and creates a sense of seriousness invisibly. It also has a good effect on the decoration of the entire office.
The desk should not be placed in the corner of the office, as this will affect luck and unfavorable development. The desk should not face the door or window, which is extremely detrimental to the feng shui of the entire office. Although the desk has to be “relied on the back”, if the back is glass, etc., it gives people a sense of insecurity invisibly and is not suitable for development.