Main points of entrance decoration

Main points of entrance decoration 1. Keep the owner’s privacy

The entrance is a visual barrier at the entrance to prevent outsiders from seeing the entire room as soon as they enter the door; at the same time, it is also a maneuver space for the family to stay in and out. The establishment of the hallway should fully consider the echoing relationship with the overall space, so that the hallway area and the meeting area have a good combination and transition, and there should be enough space for activities.

2, easy access to place items

The porch should fully consider the basic functions of its setting, such as changing shoes, placing umbrellas, placing small objects, etc., except for some purely ornamental porches.

3, still holding the pipa half-hidden face

The design of the porch should try to cover it without dying, that is, it should be visually transparent and should not make people feel depressed. Relative to the entire space, the entrance should be “still holding the pipa half-hidden”, allowing visitors to have ample room for imagination and aftertaste.

4, play a decorative role

The entrance should be one of the most tasteful places in the entire home space, and should strive for outstanding performance. The design of the porch should not be complicated, and should be concise and bright to reflect the characteristics of a home.

5. The materials should be concise and clear

The use of materials and colors should be as simple and unified as possible, giving people a natural and relaxed feeling.

In addition, when designing the hallway, it should obey the needs of use and space, depending on the actual area and needs of each family. Not every family can make a very complete hallway. Sometimes just putting a soft cushion on the hallway and a stool for changing shoes can serve as a hallway.