Main points of the entrance decoration

The main points of the decoration of the hallway are in the Chinese concept. The hallway should not be too narrow, it must have a certain space for activities, and it should not be too dark or messy. Generally speaking, there are many decorations in this place, such as antique furnishings, hanging pictures, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, mirrors, small stools, etc. Therefore, the decoration and decoration of the entrance must rely on the creation of some details To show the owner’s unusual style.

Because the hallway in most homes is generally not close to the window, it is a luxury to use the intervention of natural light to improve the light perception of the interval. Therefore, if you want to create a sense of mystery in the hallway, you can learn from the ancient people’s view of “stealing the wall and stealing light” and use reasonable lighting design to highlight the bright and warm atmosphere of the hallway. Generally, a larger chandelier or ceiling lamp can be configured at the entrance as the main light, and some spotlights, wall lights, fluorescent lights, etc. can be added as auxiliary light sources. You can also use some small floor lamps with light upwards for decoration. Of course, for people who don’t like warm and warm colors, cool-toned light sources can also be used to convey a calm or biting visual effect.
The wall design is also a highlight of the entrance. The porch set up by the wall, the color of the wall is the first point of sight, and it also gives the overall color impression. Refreshing water and lake blue, warm orange yellow, romantic pink purple, and elegant green, colorful colors can bring people different moods, and also suggest the main color of the interior space. The wall of the entrance is best to use a neutral and warm color system, which can quickly let people appreciate the warmth of home from the exhausting external environment. The furniture display in the hallway can be changed due to changes in the overall decoration style. A Chinese-style screen carved with elm wood dimly reveals the view of the house, giving it a unique charm. There are two bamboo stools next to the screen, Chinese-style table, low cabinet, side table, Ming-style chair, and Bogu frame, making this small square look like meticulously crafted; the metal-textured shoe cabinet matches the glass The storage box can not only take on different functions, but also show the modern sense of the wedding room.
When designing the hallway, we should not only consider its functionality, but also its decoration. A pot of small daisies, a family photo, an exotic tapestry, sometimes only a pottery vase and a few dried flowers that match the hallway can create an extraordinary atmosphere for the hallway. In addition, hanging a square mirror without any decoration on the wall, or a decorative mirror with a wooden grille, not only allows the owner to tidy up the clothes before going out, but also expand the visual space.