Main points style of entrance

There are two ways to decorate the hallway in the home decoration: hard hallway and soft hallway. Hard entrance is divided into: full partition entrance, half partition entrance.
1. Completely partitioned hallway: refers to the design of your hallway to be full, from the ground to the top. This kind of hallway is designed to block the line of sight. Points to note in the decoration design of the full partition entrance:
1. Will your porch design affect the natural lighting of the doorway? This is very important. If this design causes the light at the doorway to be dim, it is superfluous.
2. Does this design create a sense of narrow space? This is also worth paying attention to.
2. Semi-partitioned porch: The porch may be half or nearly half of the x-axis or y-axis. This design will reduce the probability of occurrence of the above mentioned items to a certain extent. The semi-partitioned porch may also be made of glass in the transparent part, although it is from the ground to the top, because it is visually half-partitioned, it is still classified as a half-partition.
3. Soft porch: refers to the method of area processing on the basis of material and other planes. The following processing methods are commonly used:
1. Ground division: The location of the hall can be defined by the difference in ground material, color, or height.
2. Ceiling division: The location of the foyer can be defined by the difference in the shape of the ceiling.
3. Wall division: The location of the hall can be defined by the difference between the wall treatment method and other adjacent walls.
4. Shoe cabinet division: The position of the hall can be defined by its horizontal blocking in the x-axis direction and the length of the y-axis extension.
shoe cabinet generally has two functions: storing shoes and storing umbrellas. The shoe cabinet is not technically difficult, and there are two main problems: one is pollution prevention. Since the shoes may bring dirt and other dirt, it is necessary to deal with the problem of pollution prevention. The second is clean. The shelf of the shoe cabinet should not be connected to the back panel, so that the dirt on the sole of the shoe can be discharged to the lowest level for clear.