Matching knowledge of dressing stool

Matching knowledge of dressing stool
   dressing stool, generally used with dressing table and dressing mirror, with the same style. It is mainly favored by female users for its pastoral style, American style, and simple style.
  The specific style of dressing stool can be matched with your favorite style according to the style of the overall space. Such as Mediterranean style, pastoral style, European style, Chinese style, American style, etc.
How to choose a dressing stool
   1. Is it stable: just sit on it and shake it left and right a few times to see if there is a rhythm in the range.
  2. Choose the material: If the stool surface is made of short plush fabric, you can touch the surface with your hands to see if it is lint, and if the touched surface is pilling. If it is a cotton stool surface, it should be smooth and not irritating to the touch. If it is wood, it should be checked for splitting, moth-eaten, decay, or scarring.
  3. Look at the craftsmanship: details determine success or failure. Carefully observe the edges and corners of the product and the seams to know whether the craftsmanship is fine.
   Product Ergonomics
   The best height of the dressing stool is 40-55 cm.
   product cost and brand knowledge
   All furniture brands produce dressing stools, but they are all purchased together with dressing tables. The price ranges from 2 to 5 thousand. If you buy a single stool, you can buy it online, all under one hundred yuan, which is also a good choice.