Matching knowledge of inflatable stool

Matching knowledge of inflatable stool
Inflatable stools, fashionable, simple lines, transparent or colorful inflatable stools are more and more popular among young people. In busy urban life, inflatable stools bring people unlimited humor and stylish home enjoyment. Sitting on a chair, let your thoughts fly, warm and cozy.
inflatable stools, in terms of style, can be divided into European and American country style, modern fashion style, and neo-classical style. At present, the market is mostly based on modern fashion styles. Modern and fashionable inflatable stools are generally simple in shape and full of artistic sense.
The characteristics and advantages of inflatable stools are especially suitable for placing on balconies and children’s rooms. Inflatable stools bring people not only the enjoyment of the function of the furniture, but also the spiritual pleasure. The shape of the inflatable stool combines Chinese and Western furniture styles, and the inflatable stool in the modern living room is a symbol of the owner’s cultural taste. The inflatable stool is healthy and environmentally friendly, and you can feel the breath of nature at home.


How to maintain the inflatable stool
Cleaning of inflatable stools
The cleaning of    inflatable stool is divided into two parts: inner core cleaning and outer cover cleaning. The plastic part of the inner core can be cleaned by wiping gently with a cloth dampened with soapy water. The coat is made of fabric, which can be cleaned of dust at ordinary times. It can be removed and cleaned after a period of time, and then dried naturally.
Maintenance of    inflatable stool
1. The inflatable stool can be inflated immediately after the purchase, but it can be used 8 hours after the first inflating (preferably 12 hours), because the strap and the seam inside the stool need a buffering process; use it 2 days before the new stool, try to Don’t get enough gas.
2. After one inflation, the air bed will become loose. This is a normal phenomenon. The material of the air stool is somewhat elastic. After inflation, it will expand and become soft before it feels slack. Just re-inflate to achieve the desired effect. Don’t over-pump up.
3. One person can use enough gas, but two people need to let off some gas; the temperature rises during the season, and the gas in the stool expands. Pay attention to deflation.
4. When the temperature drops, the body of the stool will become soft. Pay attention to inflating; any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak. This is a normal phenomenon. Pay attention to regular inhalation.
5. Do not over-inflate at any time (especially in summer), otherwise the strap inside the stool will be overloaded and broken, causing a bulge on the stool surface, which cannot be repaired.
6. Make sure that there are no sharp objects such as nails or thorns on the floor of the stool.
7. The fabric and core of the inflatable stool are all flammable materials, so pay attention to heat and fire prevention.