Matching skills of bar chairs

Matching skills of bar chairs
The color matching of the bar chair:
If you want to move the bar home, a beautiful high-leg table and two chic bar stools can create a cozy festive atmosphere in the candlelight and fine wine! The following recommended bar stools with their own characteristics , I hope your holiday party can be more perfect!
invites three or five friends to gather together. The simple decoration and the warm red bar chair make it even more festive and Christmas. It is very suitable for gatherings!
The chair surface is made of high-quality suede fabric, which not only has the effects of fire and flame retardant, but also is quite comfortable. It just sends a touch of warmth in the coolness of winter! Maintenance is also very simple. You can use textile cleaner or Wipe gently with a sponge dipped in neutral soap with water, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth! It will save you effort and worry!
The cushion is filled with one-piece high-density foamed cotton, which is not easy to deform! And it has strong air permeability, good resilience, and will not easily age! Specially designed according to the human sitting posture. It is ergonomic, allowing you and friends to sit more Comfortable! Holiday chat is more happy!
As a fashionable and successful person, I’m too lonely at home on Christmas Day. With such a high-end leather bar chair, it’s great to invite friends in the circle to have a party!
The design of this bar stool adopts the atmospheric European style. Adding some exotic elements during the holiday season can match the Christmas of Siwon and abroad! If you want to create a different atmosphere at home, you can match it A beautiful wine rack, a few exquisite goblets, meet up with friends, and have a more traditional and peaceful Christmas!
bar chair space collocation:
Clean the surface of the bar chair with water and detergent. Bar chairs are generally made of plastic and are relatively hard, so they can be cleaned with water and detergent. For the bar chairs at home, use 1:99 detergent to clean them. As for the bar chairs in the bar, they should Use 1:49 disinfectant for disinfection and cleaning, because the bar chair in the bar will come in contact with many different people every day and will be very dirty.
Pay more attention to maintenance work. As mentioned above, Bayi will come into contact with many different people every day, and everyone’s sitting posture and weight are different, so the bar chair may be more easily damaged. If it is not checked regularly, it is likely that one day, Whoever sat on it suddenly rolled down.