Materials for enclosed balcony

The enclosed balcony materials mainly include:

Material 1, aluminum alloy

The thickness of the aluminum alloy profile of the enclosed balcony should be above 1.2mm. Aluminum alloy is suitable for use in southern regions, and sliding window type is recommended.

Advantages: It has good weather resistance, anti-aging ability and excellent decorative properties.

Disadvantages: heat insulation is not as good as other materials, and it is not an energy-saving product.

Price: Low-end products are below 200 yuan/square meter, and mid-range products are between 200 yuan and 300 yuan/square meter.

Material 2, plastic steel window

In the middle is a steel structure, wrapped with plastic extruded profiles. Generally white, if you need other colors, you can only stick PVC film on the surface, but this layer of film is easy to change color and fall off after a long time.

Advantages: It has good sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance, air tightness, water tightness, corrosion resistance, heat preservation, etc.

Disadvantages: The profile section is larger, which is slightly worse than aluminum alloy windows.

Price: low-end windows are under 200 yuan/square meter, mid-range windows are between 200-400 yuan/square meter, high-end windows are above 400 yuan, and the highest can reach around 3,000 yuan/square meter.

Material 3. Solid wood windows

Advantages: It can make rich shapes, use a variety of colors, and have a better decorative effect.

Disadvantages: wood has poor anti-aging ability, large changes in cold and hot expansion, and is easily corroded after sun and rain.

Price: ordinary wooden windows are around 100 yuan/square meter, and high-end European-style wooden windows are above 1,000 yuan/square meter.

Material 4. Frameless window

Advantages: It has good lighting, air convection in the largest area, beautiful and easy to fold.

Disadvantages: poor heat preservation, poor sealing, and general sound insulation.

Price: 200 yuan-700 yuan / square meter.

Material 5. Broken bridge aluminum alloy

To put it in the vernacular, the inner and outer layers are made of aluminum alloy, and the middle is connected by a plastic profile. In this way, it has the durability of aluminum alloy and the thermal insulation of plastic. Its surface can be sprayed in many colors. At present, the more well-known broken bridge aluminum profiles in the domestic market are: Duobao broken bridge aluminum, Guangya broken bridge aluminum, Fenglu broken bridge aluminum, ice wheel aluminum, peace broken bridge aluminum, Aolian broken bridge aluminum, Beixin broken bridge aluminum, Huajian Broken Bridge Aluminum, Jiaojian Aluminum, Nanshan Aluminum, Weiye Broken Bridge Aluminum and other well-known brands.

Advantages: a heat insulation layer is added on the basis of ordinary aluminum alloy profiles; it also has good sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance, air tightness, water tightness, corrosion resistance, heat preservation, maintenance-free, etc.; it It is a metal aluminum profile that can be used for a long time without changing its shape and without fading.

Disadvantages: the price of aluminum is expensive, the production process is complicated, and the production cost is relatively high.

Price: The price of ordinary windows is above 400 yuan/square meter, and the price of high-end windows can reach thousands of yuan/square meter.

Material 6, aluminum-clad wood and wood-clad aluminum

This is a relatively high-end new type of doors and windows. It is a combination of solid wood and aluminum profiles through a mechanical method, which can not only maintain the decoration of solid wood and be unified with other indoor styles, but also has the advantages of aluminum alloy.

Because this kind of price is relatively expensive, there are usually special talents who choose this kind, and plastic steel and broken bridge aluminum alloy often make people hesitate. Let me talk about the difference:

Compared with plastic steel windows, the biggest advantages of broken bridge aluminum alloy are good strength, corrosion resistance, not easy to deform, good water tightness (no water flows into the room when it rains), and good air tightness (not when it is windy) There will be dust coming in), its thermal insulation is similar to that of plastic steel windows, but the price is more expensive than plastic steel.