Matters needing attention in bathroom decoration

Matters needing attention in bathroom decoration
1. The bathroom decoration shall not damage the waterproof layer. If the waterproof layer has been damaged or there is no waterproof layer, it must be waterproofed first, and then subjected to a 12-hour water leakage test.
2. When decorating the bathroom, the sanitary ware should be firmly fixed and the pipe connection should be tight.
3. Attention should be paid to the protection of finished products in bathroom decoration to prevent bumping into sanitary ware.
4. For bathroom decoration, you must choose sanitary ware in advance, and don’t wait until the later stage of decoration. This will cause unexpected troubles.
1. Avoid no windows
Water is the main element of the bathroom. Water-rich rooms are more humid, which will cause heavy air to remain, which will make it tend to stagnate. If there are no windows, the consequences can be imagined. Assuming that there is enough space, the bathroom must be large and not small to prevent harmful airflow from condensing and stagnation in the room. The bathrooms in some houses are fully enclosed, there are no windows and only exhaust fans. If the exhaust fans are not frequently turned on, it will be harmful to health in the long run. In the bathroom with windows, green plants or paintings can be placed, and the feng shui can relax the atmosphere and gather vitality.
2. Avoid exposing the lamp connector
The bathroom is relatively damp, so be careful when installing lights and wires. Lamps and switches are best used with safety protection functions, and connectors and sockets should not be exposed. If the switch is a rocker type, it should be installed outside the bathroom door, otherwise, a moisture-proof and waterproof panel should be used to prevent accidents caused by moisture leakage.
3. Avoid excessive lighting
For bathroom lighting, incandescent lamps should be selected for general overall lighting, with soft brightness. However, an independent illuminating lamp must be installed beside the makeup mirror as a supplement to the local lighting, and a fluorescent lamp can be used for the local lighting in front of the mirror to increase the feeling of warmth, spaciousness and freshness. In the choice of bathroom lamps, glass or plastic sealed lamps with reliable water resistance and safety should be the main choice. In the shape of the lighting, it is not advisable to use complicated lamp shapes to embellish it, and it should not be too low to avoid accidents.
4. Avoid clutter
Clutter is a great taboo of bathroom feng shui, which will make the air block difficult. Only place the minimum essentials, do not put too many sundries in the bathroom, do not expose the cleaning utensils, and should have special storage. The most ideal bathrooms are those with simple furnishings, simple design and good ventilation. The flow of air and energy will be affected by the materials used, and different floor tiles and floor materials will produce different effects. For example, marble, granite, and other hard ground, smooth surfaces will accelerate the flow of air energy, especially in the case of crystal clear and bright, light can be seen, the effect is better. They help create an uplifting and positive atmosphere.