Meeting room decoration

The first is in terms of layout. The meeting room is our main venue for receiving customers, discussing plans, company meetings, employee training, etc. The size of the meeting room is designed and decorated according to the size of the company. The most common layouts are as follows: :
Chairman desktop: This kind of conference room is generally used for large-scale conferences and events, and there are more people attending the conference, which is more suitable for factories and groups. Peripheral style: sofas and other furniture are arranged along the periphery, without meeting tables, suitable for an active and relaxed office space; center style: this is the kind we commonly use, the layout is centered on the conference table, and the shape of the conference table can be According to the shape and size of the room, it can be designed into a circle, square, oval, etc.
The second thing is to look at the sound insulation effect. The meeting room is a formal occasion. As a formal occasion, there must be a quiet and comfortable dialogue environment when discussing the meeting. In order to prevent the sound outside the meeting room from disturbing the ongoing meeting, or inside If the discussion is heard from outside, the ongoing meeting will be suspended, so the soundproofing of the meeting room becomes the focus of decoration. In order to avoid bad soundproofing, we can use soundproof materials with good effects, such as soundproof doors and windows.
Finally, look at the lighting effect. When decorating the meeting room, lighting is also the most important. We generally recommend choosing some cold light sources. Cold light sources will not increase in temperature due to long-term lighting, and they are also good for the body. It is also very critical.