Metal furniture materials

Metal furniture materials
(1) Ordinary steel
Steel is an alloy composed of iron and carbon, and its strength and toughness are higher than iron, so it is most suitable for the main structure of furniture. There are many different varieties and grades of steel. Generally, the steel used for furniture is high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel. The common ones are square tube, round tube, etc. The wall thickness varies according to different requirements. After the steel is formed, it generally has to undergo surface treatment to become perfect.
(2) Stainless steel
The stainless steel materials used in modern furniture production include 13 stainless steel with 13% chromium, 18 -8 stainless steel with 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It has strong corrosion resistance and high surface finish, and is generally used as a surface decoration material for furniture. Stainless steel is not as strong and tough as steel, so it is rarely used as a material for structure and load-bearing parts. Stainless steel is not always rust-free, so maintenance is also very important. Stainless steel finishes include smooth surface (or stainless steel mirror), matte panel, silk panel, corrosion engraving panel, concave-convex panel, semi-bead-shaped panel and curved panel.
(3) Aluminum
Aluminum is a light metal among non-ferrous metals, silver white, and low relative density. Aluminum has strong corrosion resistance, is easy to cast and can be dyed. After magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, silicon and other elements are added to aluminum to form aluminum alloy, its chemical properties are changed, and the mechanical properties are also significantly improved. Aluminum alloy can be made into flat plates, corrugated plates or pressed plates, and can also be rolled into profiles with various cross-sections. Smooth surface, medium gloss; strong corrosion resistance, more durable after anodization. Aluminum alloys commonly used in furniture have relatively low cost. Because of their low strength and toughness, they are rarely used as load-bearing structural components.
(4) Copper
The use of copper in furniture has a long history and is widely used. The surface of the copper material is smooth, medium-gloss, mild, and has good heat transfer properties. After polishing, the surface can be made into mirror copper with high brightness. Copper is often used to make furniture accessories and decorations. Because of its golden appearance, the furniture looks rich and luxurious. Copper materials can produce green rust for a long time, so it should be maintained and wiped regularly. Common types of copper materials are:
①Pure copper, soft, smooth surface, medium luster, can produce green rust.
②Brass is copper and sub-aluminum alloy with good corrosion resistance.
③Bronze, copper-tin alloy, often showing antique themes.
④ Cupronickel, containing 9% to 11% nickel.
⑤ Red copper, copper and gold alloy.