Mobile wooden house structure

1. Exterior wall panels: solid wood exterior wall panels (Russian sylvestris / North American red cedar) Pinus sylvestris keel
2. Keel: Pinus sylvestris
3. Breathing paper: Breathing paper is called “DuPont” abroad. It is also called Dike waterproof and breathable membrane in China. It is made of special new polymer materials. The surface of the material has an extremely small microporous structure, which has excellent water resistance and Breathability
4. Ou Song board: Ou Song board, also called OSB, is currently the fastest growing board in the world. Its formaldehyde emission is almost zero. Compared with natural wood, it is much lower than other boards. It is currently on the market. The highest grade decorative board;
5. Fireproof insulation board: fireproof insulation board has good fire resistance, long service life, light texture, good sound insulation effect, good environmental protection performance, and fast construction speed;
6. Inner panel: imported resin mold, made of black resin and blue resin, which is environmentally friendly and practical;
Seven, service life: as long as no water enters, more than 50 years
8. Exterior wall maintenance: brush wood wax oil/paint/water-based paint once every two years
9. The wheels: basically do not move, in order to meet government regulations, no housing procedures are required
10. Moving RV: forklift or crane
11. Home appliances: all electrical appliances are produced by regular manufacturers and big brands
12. Chassis: Metal
13. After-sales problems: For the damage caused by individuals, the customer shall bear the maintenance cost; if the manufacturer has quality problems, it can be exchanged unconditionally;
14. Hydropower: the power supply is behind the house, and both water and water are piped;
15. Power: 6000W water heater, 1000W refrigerator, 1050W air conditioner, 60W TV, 2000W induction cooker, 420W Yuba, 80W audio.