Modern minimalist furniture matching skills

Modern minimalist furniture matching skills
1. The furniture match of the restaurant
The furnishings of the restaurant should be both beautiful and practical. They should not be trusted by hand and piled up at will. All kinds of decorative items are different due to different dining environments. The decoration of the dining room set in the kitchen should be coordinated with the facilities in the kitchen; the decoration of the dining room set in the living room should be consistent with the function and style of the living room. If the dining room is independent, it can be based on the whole room. The layout is designed to be more relaxed and romantic. Relatively speaking, when decorating an independent restaurant, it has more freedom.
Second, the furniture matching of the living room
The furniture in the living room should be arranged according to the activities and functional nature of the room. The most basic and minimum requirement is to design a set of seating (usually a sofa) for rest and conversation, including a coffee table, and corresponding, such as Television, stereos, books and newspapers, audio-visual materials, beverages and appliances and other equipment and supplies, other requirements should be based on the single or complex living room, add corresponding furniture equipment.
Third, the balcony furniture match
Nowadays, almost every household has one or two balconies. In different houses, although the balconies are different in width and size, there is better than nothing. When considering room decoration, don’t forget to beautify the balcony. Ventilation, ventilation, lighting, cooling, drying clothes, drying clothes, etc., are naturally some of the functions of the balcony. But in addition to these, potted flowers and plants, which embellish life more beautifully, are also an important potential function of the balcony that cannot be ignored.
Fourth, the furniture matching of the children’s room
1. Preschool children’s rooms can choose brightly colored wooden furniture; 2. The furniture should be firm, smooth, without sharp angles, and moderate in height. It is best to choose short furniture; 3. Carpet or wooden floor or glue floor on the floor; 4. Lighting Soft; 5. Brightly colored wallpapers or cartoons can be used on the walls to activate the indoor atmosphere.


Modern furniture materials
1. Solid wood furniture: The main body of the furniture is made of solid wood, such as oak, beech, and cherry wood. Some furniture made of wood veneer panels is also called solid wood furniture.
2. Panel furniture: The furniture is mainly based on man-made panels, such as density board, particle board, blockboard, etc. The surface generally has various types of finishes.
3. Metal furniture: The furniture is mainly made of stainless steel, cast iron, copper and other metal materials.
4. Plastic furniture: as the name suggests, it is mainly made of plastic
5. Glass furniture: For furniture made of glass, tempered glass is generally used.
6. Upholstered furniture: such as beds and sofas, as well as paper furniture and inflatable furniture.
7. Polyester furniture: one type is polyester spraying, the other type is polyester moulding. As we said, some one-shot furniture is made of resin.