Multifunctional sofa bed

Multifunctional sofa bed
1. The height of functional sofa bed surface is best between 35-42cm, which is about equal to the height of human leg. Too high or too low size is not conducive to the relaxation of human muscles, long-term use is easy to cause body pain.
2. The seat should be as far away from the back as possible, that is to say, it should be close to the back of the seat, which is 55 cm away from the seat.
3. From the ground, the height of the back of the sofa bed should be kept between 68-72 cm. In this range, the comfort of the human body is the strongest.
4. The best inclination of the back is 100-108 degrees, and the height of the armrest is 62-65cm.
5. From the point of view of details, we should also look at: the structure should be firm and easy to use, the spring mattress should not be too soft, the fabric sewing should depend on the details, the wrapping cloth should fit naturally, and how to choose a multifunctional sofa bed. For example, the structure should be firm and easy to use. The frame structure is the “skeleton” of the functional sofa bed, and the solid frame is the basic guarantee for its firmness and durability. If the functional sofa bed uses a wooden frame, it is best to uncover the base interlining to see whether the wood is smooth and clean. A good wood frame should have no traces of moths, scars and decay. There are two kinds of “variant” ways of functional sofa bed, which are “flip type” and “push-pull type”. No matter which way is adopted, in the process of “transformation”, the hand feeling should be smooth, the resistance should be moderate, and all parts should be stable and firm after being in place.