New house decoration

1. Toilet ventilation problem
Moisture can easily accumulate in the bathroom, so ventilation must be done well. Mingwei with windows should be the best choice. But if it is a dark guard, in order to prevent mold and hair growth in the bathroom, it is necessary to install a high-power, good-performance exhaust fan, and pay attention to avoid “wrapping” especially near the ground. Nowadays, many people have the wrong idea that wrapping the pipe tightly or simply making a bathroom cabinet under the sink is a hygienic performance. It is well known that this causes the moisture to be wrapped in it and cannot escape, which is very unhygienic. .
A toilet with a reasonable layout should be divided into a dry area and a non-dry area. Non-drying areas are not conducive to storage. Even in dry areas, if toilet paper, towels, and bath towels are to be stored for a long time, they must be stored in plastic boxes with good moisture resistance to avoid moisture.
Second, the toilet light problem
Mingwei can be exposed to natural light, and all the light of the dark guard comes from the reflection of the light and the tile itself. Therefore, the toilet should use soft rather than direct lighting. In addition, if your dark room is not large enough, don’t use black or dark tiles, but white or light colors to make the bathroom look spacious and bright.
Third, the toilet drainage problem
Drainage is an important part of toilet cleaning, and the following points should be paid attention to:
1. The height of the floor drain water seal must reach 50mm, so as to prevent the air in the drainage pipe from flooding into the room.
2. The floor drain should be about 10mm below the ground, and the drainage flow should be large, so that it is not easy to cause blockage.
3. The floor drain should be smooth on all sides, so that it is not easy to catch hair and sludge, cause blockage, and multiply bacteria.
4. The hole diameter of the floor drain grate should be controlled between 6 and 8mm to effectively prevent hair, sludge, sand and other dirt from entering the floor drain.