New technology of ground source heat pump

Ground source heat pump technology has received widespread attention
The ground source heat pump is a high-efficiency, energy-saving and pollution-free air conditioning system that can provide heat and cooling. The working principle of the ground source heat pump is to use the shallow underground geothermal resources to transfer the heat from the shallow ground temperature to the place that needs heating and heating in winter, and transfer the indoor waste heat to the low heat source in summer to achieve cooling and cooling. purpose. This system does not require boiler rooms and cooling towers. It has the advantages of making full use of renewable energy, setting up a recovery system, and making full use of exhaust heat. It can not only relieve urban energy shortages, but also improve urban environmental quality.
During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Shandong Province put forward the requirement of accumulatively promoting the application area of ​​ground-source heat pump systems to more than 30 million square meters in 5 years.
Promoting ground source heat pump technology must adapt to local conditions
The promotion of ground source heat pumps must fully consider the local climate conditions, energy structure, energy price ratio, people’s living standards, and government policies. The most advanced technology must be used in the most suitable places to make the most of the ground source heat pump system. Benefit to achieve the best energy saving effect.
The construction of the ground source heat pump system needs to go through the preliminary site survey, program demonstration, mid-term precise design, and sophisticated construction. Under scientific management, it can achieve the effects of cooling and heating balance, energy saving and emission reduction. Otherwise, it will cause loss of geothermal resources waste.
Successful application of Shanghai Hongqiao Station
The waiting hall of Shanghai Hongqiao Station covers an area of ​​more than 65,000 square meters, with a three-dimensional space of 1.8 million cubic meters, and direct sunlight in the waiting hall makes it difficult to rely on traditional central air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to achieve the purpose of cooling.
There are three ground-source heat pump refrigeration units in Shanghai Hongqiao Station. The heat produced by the central air-conditioning system is transferred to 100 meters underground through 2000 thin pipes under the Hongqiao Station to exchange heat with the deep soil with lower temperature. The cold in the soil can be used as a ground-source heat pump for refrigeration, while the heat stored in the ground is stored and recycled when needed for heating in winter.
From July to August, Shanghai continued high temperature weather for more than 40 days, while the measured temperature in the waiting hall of Shanghai Hongqiao Station was only 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.