Notes on photo wall design

What is the photo wall
Photo wall is a kind of photo frame combination wall composed of multiple photo frames, which is popular in recent years.
1. Introduction
In addition to the decoration of the photo frame itself, the photo wall also has many choices for the core of the photo frame. In life, every photo has a beautiful story and good memories. The photo wall in the home helps you show these photos that carry important memories of the family. The photo wall is an important show for the owner, or shows the owner’s style, or shows the owner’s footprint, or just some meaningless The accumulation of images constitutes the warmest corner of the home. It reminds you to cherish the good life and the eternal love between family, relatives and friends. In the style of the photo wall, black and white photos instead of color photos, and small photos instead of large photos are becoming a popular focus.
1. According to the size of the kindergarten, the photo design of the kindergarten nursery can take one or several sets of photo walls. The photo wall is arranged in the kindergarten environment. Different photo walls need several or a dozen beautiful photo frames to be combined together. When the pictures full of children’s various poses surround the kindergarten, it will make the children proud of their performance. The kindergarten can take into account the flexible installation of the photo wall and change the photos regularly, which will also allow parents to see the children from the photo wall The joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys of growing up add a warm memory.
2. Due to the different materials of the photo wall frame, this requires the kindergarten nursery school to pay attention to the overall installation and use of the photo frame when choosing the frame. When installing in the kindergarten, you must first consider the safety issues. To the place, this can avoid harm to the body of the child. Or choose some soft materials, which can let children satisfy their curiosity through touch. All in all, the stylish photo wall design can bring fresh air to the kindergarten.