Office decoration

Project budget is an important part of residential decoration contract. The budget preparation is based on the construction content, production requirements and selected materials, parts and components proposed by the owner to calculate the related costs.
Due to the lack of a unified standard, the practice of compiling project budgets varies from one decoration company to another. For example, the content of the budget and the way of expression are often different, especially the calculation coefficient of material loss and the caliber of quotation. Take the floor as an example. Some quote the total price according to the finished floor area, and some quote the price separately according to the floor keel, floor, paint, floor nail, and paint. Take the budget statement project classification as an example. Some are divided by project location, such as the living room, dining room, master bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom and balcony. The required materials and labor costs are calculated separately; some are billed and only calculated How much wood, wall and floor tiles, paint, etc.
The budget is an important part of the performance of the decoration contract and involves the interests of both parties to the contract, so it must not be sloppy. I think that the first thing to do is to make the budget as standard as possible. The current normative approach in the industry is to require the design content as the basis, and according to the location of the project, the names, brands, specifications and models, grades, unit prices, quantities (including Loss rate), amount, etc. The labor costs must specify the type of work, unit price, engineering quantity, amount, etc. This not only facilitates both parties to negotiate and check costs, but also speeds up the negotiation and confirmation of individual project adjustments.
Secondly, consumers should be well aware of the budget before confirming their budget. You should have a certain understanding of the decoration market in advance. If consumers have no time to scrutinize, they can choose the main materials to understand.