office design

The design of this office is mainly based on the combination of modern minimalist style and Chinese style as the decoration concept, creating a very standard boss-level office. The entire office is clean and tidy. The solid wood office desks and bookcases look very solemn and elegant. There is a modern-style single-seat sofa next to it, which is quite necessary for this arrangement!
Modern and simple style office, the whole office is bright and simple in color. The pale yellow painted solid wood desks and bookcases look very clean and neat, and the design of the reception area next to it is also quite casual, making people feel unrestrained, which is very in line with the office needs of the boss!
The decoration of the modern-style boss office, the whole office is decorated in yellow tones, which looks small and warm. The atmospheric desk is in line with the boss’s temperament. The cross stitch of the atmospheric landscape background wall is solemn and generous here, and the exquisite ceiling shows the atmospheric style of the entire office one by one! Through the bright windows, the lighting of the entire office area is also very good!
The design in the middle of the background wall of the office is simple, individual and fashionable, and the bookshelves on both sides can hold some furnishings and books.
The simple glass bookshelf in the office serves as the background wall, making the entire office full of books.
The office design background wall looks like a three-dimensional picture from a distance, and a three-dimensional sculpture in close view. It is a novel and unique office background wall. It also uses unique personalized DIY glass decoration, which is individual, stylish and beautiful.