Office desk and chair purchase guide

Office desk and chair purchase guide
Purchasing Guide for solid wood office tables and chairs
1. High grade is the first choice: the general manager’s office desk and chair must be high-grade, so from what aspects to reflect the high-end? Mainly from the material, shape, color, function four aspects, intuitive display is the modeling atmosphere, dark color, rich function
2. Size selection: the size should be large rather than small. If the size is small, it will not conform to the identity of the boss. According to the current statistical data, large size solid wood platform is the most popular. The width should be more than 1.6 meters, and the commonly used size is about 2 meters.
3. Style selection: the choice of appearance, color and function. In fact, there are not many requirements for the modeling of the big office platform. The overall modeling is simple, and the requirements for atmosphere and details are relatively high. The painted office furniture of solid wood also requires carving and copywriting, showing classical flavor and showing taste and high-grade. Color selection to teak color, black, red walnut several dark color.
4. Understand the general manager’s personality, aesthetic outlook and taste, so as to choose a large office that he is satisfied with.