Office Feng Shui

One: Reliance on the back, reliance on promotion
The first place to place the desk is to have a reliable back. If the back is an aisle, the office will be more unstable and uneasy. The back can be a wall, or it can be equipped with a table or a low cabinet.
二: The front is open and the future is boundless
The front of the desk should be wide and not narrow. If you are facing a wall, your future will be like being blocked by a wall, and your luck will not unfold.
3: There is no aisle on the front side, no obstacles to advancement
The front and sides of the desk should not be the aisle, as it rushes like a road. Just like outdoor road rushes, such indoor road rushes will also have a bad effect.
Four: The front is not right, and nothing goes wrong
There are pillars on the front of the seat, which is like being drunk. It will inevitably make a big mistake in the career, and usually have headaches.
Five: Too close to the door
Sitting by the door is less efficient. In the office, the higher the position, the further away from the door.
Staff is also the same, according to the position, make a considerable configuration.
Six: flush doors, flush roads, screens and low cabinets should be installed
The desk rushes to the door or the road, which affects health and is prone to accidents. There are big obstacles to work and promotion.
Seven: The top pressure beam
If the desk is just under the beam, pay special attention. Easy to get upset, dizzy and make mistakes. If you press the top of your head, move the table forward and avoid it.
Eight: Seats are cut corners
The seat cannot be cut by asymmetric aisles and seats. If you sit in this place and work, it will not go well. Frictions and misunderstandings occur in the relationship between colleagues.