Office partition installation method

Office partition installation method
1. Walk into the construction site, take out the drawings, and compare the drawings to find out where to install. Move the corresponding tools and materials to the place, measure it with a level to a straight line, fix the ground keel first, and install the door where there is a door to avoid the ground keel from being long.
2. After fixing the ground keel, fix the wall side keel. The side keel must be aligned with a level. The allowable error is ≤3mm. When the top keel is fixed, it is connected with corner accessories. The allowable error is ≤3mm. The top keel is connected to the ceiling and is absolutely stable. , Walls with T-shaped or cross-shaped walls should be connected with square columns and connected with keels on the square columns to ensure stability after installation. (The square column is connected to the door, and the keel is flush with the square column, but the door is not one centimeter away from the door, and the corner is placed.)
3. Then install the door, use the accessory cross angle code and the corner code to fix the keel and the door frame. The door frame is not allowed to have any gap between the ground keel, and then divide the vertical partition. After the vertical partition is divided, there is a detail. First, the top of the ground keel is at a fixed height, and then the horizontal keel is divided. Pay attention to this top wire. You must first twist the screws on the vertical keel and twist the screws on the horizontal keel. Please pay attention. Why? Twisting the screws on the horizontal keel will affect it, and the screw will shift when twisted, which will cause deviation, otherwise it will not. (The height of the horizontal keel should be flush with the door, which is more beautiful), and the entire frame is completed.
4. Behind is measuring glass. This is the key point. If the deviation is large, the installation will not be standardized, which will affect the safety problem or cost the materials. The measuring glass must be very accurate. Pay attention to the measuring process. You must measure up and down. After measuring, subtract 5mm. Large glass will not fit, and small glass will leak out and it will be unsightly. (Glass is the direct measurement of the keel from the keel), the measurement of the blinds is the direct measurement of the glass gusset, also minus 5mm. The glass measurement is small, which affects safety issues, and is afraid of the glass falling from it.
5. The last is the buckle. The buckle is connected to the keel. When installing the glass, prepare the buckle. When installing a piece of glass, buckle the buckle. The direct gap of the buckle should not be too large, allowing ≤3mm, and it is best to achieve seamless gaps without affecting the appearance.