Office partition material

Partition project is a project in the process of all office decoration. Some are brick wall partitions, some are glass partitions, some are screen partitions, and other partitions. Making partitions is not an easy task. It must be rigorous and careful. This article mainly introduces related knowledge about office partitions.
Office partition material
1. Functional characteristics of office partitions
Commonly used office partitions include louver partitions and screen partitions. Compared with the two, louver partitions have better light intensity adjustment, excellent sound insulation and heat preservation performance, and no-cleaning characteristics; screen partitions can maintain good ventilation and light transmittance , Giving a “separation but not separation” effect.
2. Material characteristics of office partition
Commonly used materials for office partitions are glass partitions, gypsum board partitions and melamine board partitions. Glass partitions are beautiful, stylish, comfortable, elegant, and pollution-free; gypsum board partitions have low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, and can adjust indoor temperature and humidity within a certain range; melamine board partitions have rich colors and low cost.
3. Formal characteristics of office partitions
The single-layer glass partition can be repaired according to the routing function, and it is safe and convenient; the double-layer glass partition has a strong combination, can be reused, and is low in cost; the melamine panel partition has rich colors and good decoration; frosted glass partition Good performance, good fireproof function and sound insulation effect.