Office partition size

Office partition size
The scale design of office partition
The office not only pays attention to efficiency, but also pays more attention to the use of space. It needs to have closed and semi-enclosed private working rooms, meeting rooms, and open areas to facilitate information exchange. The cut-off height of the working room or conference room is 1800mm or more. This kind of highly hidden space has flexible storage methods. It is often used as an office for employees with higher positions in the company. The conference room is often used for confidentiality. Higher-level meetings. In the design of office space, such partitions are used less frequently. Partition height of semi-enclosed private work room or meeting room is 1200mm. Partition height of semi-enclosed private work room or meeting room is about 1200mm ~ 1600mm. This kind of relatively closed space can not only add lockers, but also store office automation equipment such as computers. It is often used in the office or general meeting room of ordinary employees; among them, the partition with a height of about 1200mm is the most basic working room, and storage cabinets can be added to the top of the partition; in office design, this type of partition is used most. The partition height of the open area is about 750mm ~ 1100mm. It is often used for office resources or between employees who need unobstructed communication. It can also be used for reception. In office space design, this partition is often used in the office area of ​​ordinary employees.


Office partition design
1. First of all, color. The color combination of office design should not be arbitrary. In color matching, the overall color matching should be done according to the feeling of the environment to make the office environment more complete and perfect. You should also decide on the main color system and choose more bright color systems to achieve the bright sense of office.
2. Secondly, office furniture should be selected for office functions and can be used multiple times. The furniture can be combined in multiple styles and used in combination. It is not limited by space and time, and can achieve the highest efficiency of the combination. Users can add combination functions according to their preferences. The furniture selected in the office design is not only beautiful and practical, but also suitable for multiple combinations.
3. All aspects of the office design should be able to be harmonious and unified, both in terms of function and color matching should be perfect. Henan Dadi Decoration believes that a perfect design with complete functions and coordinated colors can create a perfect office space.