office renovation

Five or four in office decoration
Office decoration “five essentials”
1. Choose a qualified and formal office decoration company with a business license;
2. To choose a well-known and moderate-scale office decoration company, it is necessary to follow the principle of “right to door”;
3. To choose an office decoration company with high credibility and no random additions, this is also the most important point for owners;
4. It is necessary to choose a decoration company that meets the Nanjing office decoration conditions and improve the quality requirements;
5. Keep in touch with the decoration company, and go to the construction site regularly to supervise the work. Nanjing Zhongjin Decoration reminds the owner not to be a shopkeeper;
Office decoration “Four Don’ts”
1. Don’t rely too much on celebrity effects. Under normal circumstances, the decoration company will account for the expensive account of Mingxin endorsement to the user;
2. Don’t choose an office decoration company that offers much lower prices than peers. There is a basis for knowing that you pay for what you pay for. At the same time, it is inevitable that the decoration company will not increase the price if the quotation is too low, and the decoration owner can only be slaughtered by others;
3. Don’t find construction guerrillas. Because these people are relatively mobile, there is no practical guarantee, and when problems occur, the owners can only suffer from dumb losses;
4. Don’t believe in any “gentleman’s agreement”. Once there is a problem, there is no written evidence for nothing, so any project must be signed and sealed in writing to be effective.