Office sofa

Office sofa
Office sofa refers to the sofa suitable for office, office and meeting occasions. There are single, double and three people, and a few office sofa specifications are customized for individual needs. Let’s take a look at the pictures, prices, sizes and styles of office sofas.
Office sofa price
Latest office sofa price 1
One thousand to two thousand yuan. Office sofa is always simple, not too fancy. This price of office furniture is relatively plain, of course, it does not look too luxurious.
Latest office sofa price 2
Three thousand to four thousand yuan. This price of office sofa style is more, and relatively speaking, cost-effective is also relatively high. This price range of office furniture is also the choice of most enterprises. Simple and generous, the quality is more reliable.
Latest office sofa price 3
Over 5000 yuan. This price of office sofa is generally used by some large companies, relatively high-grade, can also be used to put in the boss’s office and so on, if the company pays more attention to appearance, it can choose this kind.
Customized office sofa size
1. Customized office sofa – Dimensions
Like home sofa, there are different types and styles of office sofa. Of course, the size of the selected office sofa should be selected according to the needs of customers. Sofa because of its style and style often changes, so in the size of the summary and induction is also very difficult to come up with an absolute size standard. And there are different types of office sofas. Generally, the length of single sofa is 800-950mm, the depth is 850-900mm, the length of double sofa is 1260-1500mm, and the depth is 800-900mm.
2. Customized office sofa – Leather Fashion
This type of office sofa can be customized into single seat and three person seat. The size of single seat sofa is 1050 * 830 * 880 mm, and that of three seat sofa is 2080 * 830 * 880 mm. Fashionable leather sofa with modern style can also be customized for different combinations of other leather sofa, business sofa and other sofas. The sofa adopts the classic black that will never change, revealing the image and temperament of contemporary company elite. Its silky and soft fabric is never added to make the surface soft and highly textured.
3. Customized office sofa – genuine leather
The customized office sofa also has two sofa sizes. The size of single seat office sofa is 1070 * 820 * 900mm, and that of three seat office sofa is 2080 * 820 * 900mm. Modern style black leather office sofa. Show the fashion and elegance of the office environment, but also reflect the leader’s fashion taste and noble status. The office sofa is a combination of solid wood and leather, showing a high-end and noble style. High quality West leather covering, high gloss, strong gas. It is a necessary office sofa for meeting guests, negotiating and receiving.