Old house renovation and decoration steps

Old house renovation and decoration-acceptance
The acceptance of old house decoration is very important, because the actual situation of each old house is different, and the problems existing in the old house will also be different. The acceptance of the old house can identify and deal with the loopholes in the old house, and retain the existing reasonable structure. This can avoid the economic and time waste caused by the renovation of the old house.
The following issues need to be paid attention to when decorating and accepting old houses:
1. At the time of acceptance, measure the actual size of the old house and draw the plan sketch of the old house at the same time;
2. Distinguish between load-bearing walls and non-bearing walls of old houses;
3. Check whether there is water leakage, blistering and cracking on the original wall;
4. Check whether the original accessories of the old house, such as sockets, lamps, etc., can be reused.
Old house renovation-design
After finishing the decoration and acceptance of the old house, the owner can plan the blueprint for the future of the old house. Making a design drawing can make the process of decorating an old house faster and make fewer mistakes in the decorating process. Moreover, for owners who do not know much about decoration knowledge, discuss with the designer to further reduce the decoration of old houses.
Old house renovation and renovation-main body demolition and renovation
If the owner does not need to modify the wall, this step can be skipped. The main body of the old house needs to be removed and modified to avoid the load-bearing part of the wall. Moreover, the new layout of the old house pays more attention to the design of air circulation, natural light exposure and active lines in the home, as well as the length and width ratio of each room (not greater than 1.5).
Some old houses are old, and the building materials used may be different from modern building techniques. It is recommended that owners should absorb relevant information for consultation. Or you need to find a formal, large-scale decoration company instead of looking for a decoration team yourself, which is more assured.
Old house renovation and decoration-concealed project
For many second-hand houses, it has not been used for a long time, and most of the concealed projects are not a problem. But for old houses with a long time, and old houses undergoing wall renovation, it is best to remake the hydropower project.
Attention should be paid to the concealed renovation of old houses:
1. Establish the location where water is needed in the home. Mark it on the draft image. It is also best to mark the location of large and difficult electrical appliances in the home.
2. Try to avoid grounding when re-renovating waterways and circuits.
3. It is best to leave a few more plug positions. In the future, adding electrical appliances to the home will not require re-plugging, or there will be lines everywhere.
4. After the hydropower transformation is completed, the water pipe suppression test must be carried out. And circuit testing. The unqualified project can be reworked.